David Bowie live 1964-2004

Dear friends


As a longtime Bowie follower and author to the books about the tours in 1987-1992 I have decided to put all this material and much more on this new website so everyone interested in David Bowies live performances can get the information they need, whatever it is setlists, soundcheck or odds and ends of the shows 1964-2004 (and in the future). The intension with this site is to collect as much as we can, stories, analysis of the shows, photos and if possible links to available sound and vision.


We need your help

I think this project will be most valuable for everyone if as many as possible join in, exactly as we did with the Bowie Network 20 years ago, where the fans in the community send in there opinion of the shows.

If you like to contribute it will be highly appreciated. We need information about each and every show, photos, setlists, anything about David Bowie live.


if any of you work professionally with websites and design the project also need a web editor so contributors can upload text and photos.

Any contributors will be mentioned on the site, so c'mon guys you now have the change to be a part of the David Bowie live history. If you like to be co-editor please feel free to write to me.


Beside this website I am working on coffee table book with all your photos, opinions etc.

Together we can do it, so feel free to send me your opinion so you can be a part af the community:

I looking forward to hear from you.

Peter Frederiksen

Copenhagen, Denmark



Peter Frederiksen

Editor of this site is Peter, who is former editor of The Bowie Network, 1987-1992. He is also author to books about David Bowie: "Return of the Spiderman, part 1 and 2" (1987-1988), "The Sound & Vision Tour Book" (1991), "No Miracle Jive - The Tin Machine Years" (1992).



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