21-04-72 Manchester


David Bowie live 1964-2004

21. April 1972

Manchester, Free Trade Hall




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Mark Doyle:


"I saw David at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester in April '72. He began with Hang On To Yourself & Ziggy Stardust and then explained to the audience that he'd spent the last week in rehearsals and that his vocal chords were sore. He could either play a short "hard" set or a longer "softer" set - which did we want?! We opted for the long set and he proceeded to play all of Ziggy, several of his back catalogue, plus White Light / White Heat & I Feel Free. Port of Amsterdam may also have been in there. After about 90 minutes, the audience were ecstatic and David seemed pretty pleased with the reception too - enough to actually walk out onto the audience's hands at the front of the stage, and they did manage to keep him aloft (for a short while anyway!). Definitely one of the all time great gigs!"


Tony Husband:


"I'd been following Bowie for some time, I'd seen him doing his mime show with Tyrannosaurus Rex, seen him at Glastonbury and prevented a greaser throwing a bottle at him at a Humble Pie gig (got thumped for my efforts). Anyway, I'd got "The Man Who Sold the World" and was totally knocked out by it. Ronson's thrilling guitar, Visconti's doom-laden bass and some of the heaviest songs ever recorded, so when the tour was announced I was brimming. On the day the tickets were released I went to the ticket office at the Lewis department store at the back of the lingerie department, an old guy showed me the seating plan of the Free Trade Hall and said "Take your pick, you're the first" (a moment I am still proud of). I had the entire hall to choose from and chose the circle front row, dead centre, a choice I was later to regret. I presumed it would be full so I would have the best view etc. Come the night, it wasn't full, I'd say about 200 to 400 or so dripped into the 3000-seat Free Trade Hall. I can't remember who the support bands were but I remember the Spiders entrance, dressed in glitter suits, stack heels, fucking amazing. This was when I realised being in the circle was a shit place to be. Everyone rushed the stage and me and the handful of circlellites sat watching the spectacle unfold. I can't remember what order the songs came in, or to be honest, what they were even, but I do remember a blistering gig. Bowie at his arrogant best, strutting the stage, Ronson darting around playing paint peeling guitar and the solid rhythm of Bolder and Woodmansey. I remember Bowie crowd surfing, the small knot of fans carrying him over their heads. I remember him passing an acoustic guitar into the crowd and I'm thinking "what the fuck am I doing up here?" I remember Bowie stepping toward the microphone and it banging him in the mouth, through the show he kept feeling his tooth, strange what you remember. I looked to the side and some of the Free Trade Hall management were looking at this band of freaks, they were smirking and laughing, three guys in suits had never seen the like, neither had we. It was truly an awesome gig. When David got bigger I went to see The Spiders at the HardRock in Stretford with about 4000 others. I didn't like the fact I had to share him and the band with 4000 newcomers. I was at the Free Trade Hall with just 400 others months before, witnessing one of the all time great gigs by one of the all time great bands. I'm proud of that and it's burned into my memory forever."


Source: http://www.5years.com





Hang on to Yourself

Ziggy Stardust


Queen Bitch

Song For Bob Dylan



Five Years

Space Oddity

Andy Warhol


I Feel Free

Band intro

Moonage Daydream

Width of a Circle

White Light, White Heat

Suffragette City


Waiting For the Man


(Setlist not confirmed)




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